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05/27/2017 There are multiple videos online to view.
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04/28/2017 See a slide share presentation on Robert Owen Inc Products and systems at
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04/10/2017 Send temperature sensor data directly into Windows applications with Robert Owen's Keyboard Wedge works with a variety of applications, Word, Excel, Open Office Calc, and more...      
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03/25/2017 Robert Owen Inc will be providing a great new way to use the ROI-USB, PC USB ADC sensor monitoring system, to send live data to online Sheets and Docs! All it takes is a Windows PC, and internet connection, and a Google account. Let us send you advance information as soon as it is available. Our Newsletter is where we share interesting information about our products and their updates... []        
09/15/2016 Used a CT & ROI-TDR time delay relay to turn off a submerged water pump set for 1 hour or less if line was fully open      
04/12/2016 Thermistor greenhouse temperature monitoring. Using ROI-USB in a rugged application, where there is water involved      

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Remote monitoring of critical sensor data is simpler using wireless sensor measurement

A typical problem with sensor measurement wiring, how to get the signal connection from there to here.
[Read more...] Robert Owen  10/30/2015

Wireless sensor networks using the Robert Owen wireless 4-20mA transmitter monitoring system.

The Robert Owen wireless 4-20mA transmitter monitoring system allows a standard Windows PC to perform remote monitoring of wireless sensor networks distributed over distances of up to 1 mile from the PC.
[Read more...] Robert Owen 05/30/2016

ROI-RFX Wireless 4-20mA transmitter system.

ROI-RFX Wireless 4-20mA transmitter system, provides real time monitoring of remote sensors.
Robert Owen 01/30/2015
ROI-RFX Wireless Thermistor Temperature Transmitter System. Create Wireless Sensor Networks. The ROI-RFX allows you to; remotely monitor record sensors over distances of up to 1 mile/1.6 km. Use industry standard 4-20mA transmitters or 10K NTC thermistors.
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